Marrying American contemporary cuisine to Turks island specialties, Opus brings a unique culinary experience to the Turks and Caicos.



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  • Emanuel Psaltakis (Manny)

    Great service, pleasant people, non pretentious. Went again last night and enjoyed the conch chowder, whole grilled snapper, and mango cheesecake!

  • Barbara Patterson-Smith

    We are staying at oceans resort and since the weather is windy with some rain we decided to eat at the fancier restaurant on the resort. Tonight they had a stacked menu for $59 with cocktail, soup, entree, and dessert. After we ordered, the first thing to arrive was the bread basket. Next was our cocktail and soup (at the same time). Would have been nice to enjoy the cocktail for a while before any food arrive, but, island time, right? Out soup was served in a great little lidded bowl and was very tasty. Our meals arrived a bit later. The lobster curry was good but lacked some flavour in the curry sauce. Instead of rice I asked for plantain- it was breaded and not very flavourful. My partner ordered the rice with his curry and again, lacking in flavour. Last was the mango cheesecake which was good - very dense with a god flavour. We also ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with our meals. My glass showed up with lipstick on the rim and was replaced with a cleaner one. Once we were seated, the music got turned up and we were right beside a speaker- not overpowering but the music system could be place behind the bar for a better aesthetic. We sat inside because it was very windy - the outside seating looked very beautiful. Restaurant was busy so make a reservation. We had one but they did not have my name down correctly. Luckily I looked on their iPad and saw a name similar to mine and assumed they misheard.

  • Rick Evans
    Rick Evans
    4 months ago

    Food was absolutely delicious!! One of the best meals during our visit from a food standpoint. Restaurant is also in a beautiful setting!! However, service was definitely sub-par level. We had to ask for simple things multiple times such as a glass of water. We asked 3 different waiters aside from our own before we finally received it! There seemed to be confusion from the wait staff as well. We had several waiters come to the table to take our order after we had already ordered! They also brought out the wrong entrée for me but was able to correct it quickly. Food runner probably just grabbed the wrong dish.

  • Tessa Lucero
    Tessa Lucero
    a year ago

    It was okay, it seems like a nice place but I had a couple issues with the overall experience. There were a couple chefs specials on a tiny menu, I ordered a steak from that menu but what arrived was the steak from their regular menu with completely different sides. The mashed potatoes were really dry. I tried to explain to the server the steak issue, she didn’t seem to understand but ended up bringing me some grilled asparagus to make up for the difference in sides. There was also some awkward flirtation between the servers at our table while we were ordering and that was a little weird. I gave in since the steak tasted good and I hate to waste food but it was kind of expensive for me to not get what I wanted. The drinks were good, I had an espresso martini and a dirty vodka martini. My friend got the salmon with fondant potatoes, the potatoes were not good.

  • Shawn Z
    Shawn Z
    2 years ago

    We arrived for an 8:00 p.m. reservation and were not presented with any food until about 9:15 p.m. In the interim we were served drinks and given two small pieces of bread. There was a family at a nearby table celebrating an engagement, congrats to them, but they were definitely reaching an alcoholic cut-off point and even announced to everyone that they were sorry for being obnoxiously loud. Servers were kind but definitely move on island time here, slowest service I've had on the island in my 4 days here so far. The servers also kept asking us to repeat our orders a few times after having left for a while. We waited about 30 minutes just to get the check and a to-go box which wasn't a box at all but rather everything wrapped in aluminum.I ordered the bone-in ribeye steak medium well, but when it arrived it was dry and well done. Not sure if this was because of the delay to bring it to my table but very disappointed by the steak itself. The sauces given alongside the salmon (my wife's order) and the steak were delicious and helped carry it. We skipped appetizers because we weren't super hungry. We skipped dessert for fear of that taking another 2 hours.

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