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We strive to exceed your expectations and WOW you every time you visit, with an outstanding customer service experience, great value, and the largest selection of rental vehicles in the Turks and Caicos Islands!



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  • John Lee
    John Lee
    2 weeks ago

    Great service. We picked up at airport and then dropped off at the grace bay rd location across from our hotel, all quick and easy. We have rented cheap cars twice from them and have never had any issues. Downside: the cheap cars we rented were beat up but the important things all worked. Also CDW insurance does not cover tires or glass, the more likely things you would have problems with on the island.

  • Sandy Judd
    Sandy Judd
    2 months ago

    I was a little nervous about renting a car but I'm so glad we did! Grace Bay car rentals made it a great experience. They dropped off our car right on time at our resort. It was super clean and we had no issues with it. We enjoyed exploring the island! Easy drop off/return. They are literally right across the street from the airport. We had no issue walking right across, no big deal at all.

  • Sarah Bennett
    Sarah Bennett
    3 weeks ago

    Excellent experience. After we walked out of the airport, the car we rented (Jeep Renegade) was ready for us in the parking lot across the street. Car was in good condition and we didn't have any issues with it. Was great to have a car to get around the island. Definitely recommend this company.

  • Tal Mor
    Tal Mor
    a month ago

    Hassle free service. Picked up my Nissan Elmera right at the airport without the need for a shuttle. Car was basic but in excellent condition. Rides in the islands are 15-20 minutes max anywhere so that was enough. Return was also a breeze, they checked nothing but the fuel which is great as previous rental agencies negotiated stretches with me. They did video the case prior to renting which made me comfortable.

  • Jazz Vera
    Jazz Vera
    a week ago

    Everything was great, until I went to drop off the car. My boyfriend and I were accused of smoking in the car, which neither of us smoke or have been around smoke, we don’t even smoke at home. The guy kept pressuring us to tell him that we smoked (which I’m not going to admit to something we obviously didn’t do). I can’t stand the smell of smoke, it gives me migraines, so I know the car didn’t mysteriously start smelling like smoke the moment we dropped it off. It honestly made a good trip end on a bad note. I really do feel like they profiled us based on what we look like which hurt even more.

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