Al’s Rent A Car offer the widest range and biggest fleet of vehicles to suit your needs in getting around North Caicos and Middle Caicos (the Twin Island). Born out of a merger of the three oldest vehicle rental companies on the Twin Island, we proudly offer our customers an excess of 30 years experience in the business. Al’s Rent A Car is committed to offering our customer the best service, the best vehicles, the best value and the best experiences.



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  • Anne Light
    Anne Light
    10 months ago

    TERRIBLE! Sent us off in this vehicle without sharing every light was on and gauges didn't work. Less than 1/4 tank of gas and wasn't sure it thats was working as the speedometer was not, check eng lite on with all others, gas cap warning light, and the ac was blowing warm air! Rented for a total of 2hours bc I was afraid we would not make it back to the ferry! Then the "agent" was very snippy with me when I said I was afraid to drive it. Loved the rental from Thrifty in PROVO! $200 for 5 days in Provo in a nice car $100. for 2 hours from Al's Rentals!!

  • Russell Jones
    Russell Jones
    8 months ago

    The cars available to rent on North Caicos are for use on a remote island where people get in and out of the ocean and do not have places to clean off before getting back in the car. Therefore the cars look a little rough and may have a check engine light on because the gas cap is gone. However, the staff is friendly, the jeep we rented worked great and the process at the dock was easy. We drove all over both North and Middle Caicos and only used 4 gallons of gas for the entire day. We had the four door Jeep Wrangler. it was an awesome day.

  • Mike Tompkins
    Mike Tompkins
    2 months ago

    There is no physical building for this business at the dock here. There is a representative of the business there with the cars. You reserve a car on line and they will be there to hand the car off to you when you arrive on the ferry. Always prompt and reliable. The cars may be scratched up a bit but run great. Exactly what you really need if you do any exploring on the side roads which are rough.

  • N N
    N N
    3 weeks ago

    We were very happy with the jeep and service from Al’s. The vehicle was an older model which was fine. We worried a little about the engine light but it was great to have something a little beat up on the rough roads. They were very punctual and efficient. Gas was not full and we actually stopped at two gas stations that did not have gas! I tried to extend my rental and Tueton responded very quickly on a Sunday evening that it was not possible. I appreciate that. I recommend this rental agency.

  • Thomas Avery
    Thomas Avery
    8 months ago

    Look you're getting a rental car for a day on a nearly deserted island. Is it going to be brand new? No. Might there be a light on the dashboard? Maybe, but who cares? It's not your problem. Just don't crash the car, and return it with the same amount of gas you left with and Al doesn't care. The islands are so beautiful, easy pickup and dropoff. Highly recommended. *Oh important almost forgot, the ferry terminal changed so don't use this address for dropoff, the correct place is Belfields Landing (the same place you get of/on the ferry), if you put this location in Google maps you'll be in the wrong place*

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