The Sibonné Beach Hotel’s Bay Bistro is a long-established and popular beachside restaurant on Grace Bay. The restaurant, which is led by chef Clive Whent, is popular for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Bay Bistro is one of the top seaside restaurants in terms of food quality and affordability, as well as a terrific location to unwind. The water is constantly bustling during the day, and it’s a terrific spot to see the sunset.



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  • Karen S.
    Karen S.
    2 months ago

    The ambience was amazing. They serve complimentary two pieces bread with butter to start. Ordered conch wontons for appetizer (this was so good)and then shared the chicken supreme dish. The chicken dish was not bad (a little bland) and I expected better. Didn’t complain. Portions are a decent size. Cocktails were good. A bit on pricey side but that’s the island and this one came with a really nice view. Service was fine just keep an eye out they do add 15% gratuity automatically.

  • Tyler
    3 weeks ago

    We went here for brunch. We got the coconut banana pancakes and eggs benedict. Both were fine but completely average. Nothing special at all. Service on this island is lacking everywhere, but here it was especially slow and the staff just did not seem to care we were there. The restaurant is all open air and the fans really didn't do anything, it was very hot. There was one large floor fan but they only aim at one table versus across the entire dining room. That fan was behind my chair pointed away from me, so I couldn't hear anything the waiter mumbled when he did actually come by the table.The view was excellent and the only reason i rate it a 3 versus a 2.

  • Gaurav Yadav
    Gaurav Yadav
    5 months ago

    We selected to go to Bay Bistro for our special anniversary night, messaged Joan the owner and she was extremely kind and helpful in setting up a special table at the beach. When we walked in the hostess and the servers showed no enthusiasm and during the dinner seemed very uninterested in customer service.We paid 60$ to set up table on beach (worth it) and food was served hot and had tremendous flavor, 3 dishes were of highest quality (lamb chop, lobster, snapper).

  • Zack Sumner
    Zack Sumner
    a month ago

    The food is nice and served quite quickly for TCI. The restaurant is pretty much on the beach and great for watching the sun set. I recommend the grouper and shrimp blackened with mango. Delicious

  • Dr Ricardo Rodriguez

    Title: Cautionary Review: Good Food, Poor Service, and Billing Issues. Located in the scenic setting of the Turkish and Icacos Islands, this restaurant offers a promising culinary experience with its diverse menu options. While the food itself isn't entirely disappointing, there are significant areas that need improvement, particularly in terms of service quality and billing practices.Upon arrival, diners may appreciate the ambiance and the variety of dishes available. However, the dining experience can be marred by inconsistent service. Some patrons have reported encounters with staff members that lack attentiveness and professionalism, detracting from the overall enjoyment of the meal.One major concern highlighted by several customers is the billing process. It's essential for diners to exercise caution when reviewing their bills, as the restaurant has been observed to automatically include gratuity charges without clear disclosure. This practice is particularly troubling as tipping is traditionally optional in the region, and guests should not feel obligated to pay a predetermined amount for service.Furthermore, instances of confrontation between patrons and staff regarding these billing discrepancies have been reported, further souring the dining experience. Guests have recounted uncomfortable encounters where they were pressured to accept the included gratuity, despite their objections.In conclusion, while this restaurant may offer decent food options, potential patrons should be aware of the shortcomings in service quality and billing transparency. Exercise caution when reviewing your bill, and don't hesitate to question any charges that seem unjustified. It's advisable to clarify tipping policies with the staff beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings. Overall, until these issues are addressed, diners may want to explore alternative dining options in the area.

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