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Kew Town
Sunny Foods is the most affordable grocer in the country. Why wait on a sale when you can have sale



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  • Don Evans-Larkin
    Don Evans-Larkin
    6 months ago

    A "discount food store" in appeal & looks compared to others in area. Find great deals on produce, occasionally on meat, and sometimes discontinued items or near expiration. Most staff is nice. Bring bags or find a box while shopping. They charge for bags now. And there's one short manager, who stares me down like I'm a shoplifter or something. It has detoured me to other stores on my visits, only using as last resort. Not sure why. When I shop, it's rather quick and I couldn't imagine it was even possible to steal. But it is what it is. I probably look like someone that has, hoping that's worse case scenario. Enjoy.

  • Nat Robinson
    Nat Robinson
    a year ago

    Priçes are quite reasonable and they have sale days right throughout the year. Good spot for fresh avocados 🥑 🥑 and plantains!

  • Florence Ball
    Florence Ball
    a year ago

    Cheap prices for the island but limited options and not hugely spectacular

  • Carol Phipps
    Carol Phipps
    10 months ago

    Best on sale p

  • Kareen Been
    Kareen Been
    a year ago

    One of the cheaper places to shop on the island

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