Graceway Gourmet

Allegro Road,

Graceway Gourmet

Buy quality groceries and wine from Graceway Supermarkets, servicing the Turks and Caicos Islands with locations in Leeward Highway, Grace Bay Area & Downtown, Providenciales.



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  • Fy L
    Fy L
    4 months ago

    Everything you need you can find here, at a very hefty price though. In all fairness, it's an island, so to be expected, but Holy Ocean Conch!! Great parking (to include disabled parking), and lighting at night. Looks like all the tourists go here, as it is convenient and right off the main drag. Very clean.

    a week ago

    Pricey but your don't need to buy it if you don't need it. Great wine selection, even a sugar free one. And mini pastries are 5 for $2.50 after 7pm.

  • Joseph Tan
    Joseph Tan
    a month ago

    Great place to get some pre cooked or freshly cooked food. You can order your own selection of wraps at the counter. Create your own salads. Precooked dishes, rice and appetizers are also available.

  • Ian Soper
    Ian Soper
    9 months ago

    The Graceway Gourmet is a pricey high-end grocery store in the Grace Bay Area, easy walking distance (15 minutes or less) from the Ports of Call, Seven Stars, Ocean Club West, Villa Del Mar, Grace Bay Club and Grace Bay Suites. It's a bit longer walk (~20 minutes) from the Sands. The quality of the meat is very good. We have enjoyed excellent beef tenderloin, pork, burgers, chicken thighs and breasts and last night we had a delicious New York steak. At the deli counter, you can purchase pre-cooked jerk and blackened chicken breasts, fried chicken, sliced meats, potato salad, cole slaw and other pre-made salads. They also have a wood-burning pizza oven where they do made-to-order pizzas. If you are on a low-carb diet you will be frustrated by the lack of good quality yogurts. Unfortunately, they only stock the sugary, high-carbohydrate yogurts. The highest fat content yogurt I have found is only 5% fat. However, they do have a selection of low-carb pastas and pasta sauces. The quality of the produce is generally quite high and they do stock some organic produce. There is a very good selection of wine and beer. Note that they do not sell alcohol on Sundays! The store is open from 7am until 9pm every day, which is very convenient. Grass Fed Beef is now available at Graceway!

  • Monica B
    Monica B
    a year ago

    I got vicious food poisoning from the slice of coconut crème pie I bought at the deli. First bite I knew something was off - it was a taste that didn’t belong in pie. Took one more bite and threw it away. $5 literally down the drain. Was sick for eight hours. A lot of things were marked out of stock but actually had been restocked so that was nice. Unfortunately many of the “out of stock” stickers covered the prices of the items.

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