Packed with sea life, Smith’s Reef on Providenciales appeals to snorkelers at all levels. Stingrays, turtles, lobsters and lots of brightly colored fish will likely swim by during your dive near this underwater sanctuary. You can enter the reef area at three different points: north, east and central access. Recent travelers recommend finding a sandy pathway near the small parking area that will guide you into the water – rocky areas can be slippery and more dangerous (as such, many advise that you wear water shoes).



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  • Mark Lee (Inspector Gadget)

    The reef is very cool, must have water shoes unless you enter and exit down by the marina jetty, urchins lurk in the rocks. We found it easiest to drop stuff at the actual beach then walk up to the reef and snorkel all the way back down. Lots or sea turtles, stingrays and eagle rays, lots of fish, coral was in decent shape but suffering from ocean warming, bouyed off area is protected but you can swim around the outside.

  • Tal Mor
    Tal Mor
    2 months ago

    This reef has an abundant of seas turtles roaming around. We counted 20! The reef itself is mostly dead and the fish are unimpressive, but the presence of turtles made it up for all. To top it we spotted a beautiful sand shark. Water depth is mostly shallow even 100 ft into the ocean. Just ensure you enter where the red circled buoys are and you’ll be good.

  • Jeremy Scheel
    Jeremy Scheel
    2 months ago

    Great shore snorkle. Lots of sea life. 3 main coral heads. Turtles everywhere. Sharks and spotted eagle ray as well (look near the West reef and between there and the North reef) Gorgeous, and free!

  • Ryan Fonville
    Ryan Fonville
    9 months ago

    Cool area, make sure you walk down the beach to where it bends. There is a spot to walk in the water away from the rocks and reef is easier to spot. You can tell it's the right spot by the circle of bouys in the water, just make sure not to enter as this is a reef rehabilitation area. Be careful of boats, many went by very close to us without much concern that people were in the water.

  • Marija S.
    Marija S.
    4 months ago

    It’s my favorite snorkeling and swimming place .Must must visit .Parking is small but always with some free spots . There are couple of palm trees and natural shades .The reef is well marked with floating orange marks with clear instructions how to approach. Amazing experience.

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