Caicos Wheels Car & Scooter Rentals

has a Customer Service desk conveniently based inside the Providenciales Airport terminal, to quickly assist all arriving customers.

There is no shuttle ride, no long lines and no hassle upon arrival – just sign and drive! Customers’ airport returns are just as fast and easy as the pick-up process.



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  • Tobias Janke
    Tobias Janke
    8 months ago

    Reserved a Honda Fit Hybrid online 2 weeks before travel. When arriving at the location they didn’t have the vehicle and after some discussion among the employees they ferried one over from the airport location. All in all it took about an hour to pick up the vehicle. The vehicle itself was a very well loved Honda Fit (non-hybrid) with cosmetic damage on all possible panels/locations. All was well documented and there were luckily no issues at drop off. It appeared to be a direct import from Japan as all buttons were labeled in Japanese and the digital display and system audio announcements were also in Japanese. We were charged the $300 security deposit twice and upon inquiry Caicos Wheels only showed it once in their records so Amex is handling that for me. The car got us around on the island fine and the refueling option was very affordable compared to the US. We wanted to support a local outfit over the big chains. From the reviews I am not sure Hertz or Avis are any better but it was certain a special experience. Bring lots of time and patience and check credit card charges carefully.

  • Gregory Hildebrand
    Gregory Hildebrand
    a month ago

    Good, bad and expensive. On the plus side, our plane was horribly late and their office was closed when we arrived. They delivered the car to our resort which was helpful. However, the car was pretty old (5+ years) and the tires were well passed needing replacement. No big deal as the island is small and it didn’t rain, but these tires were nearly bald with faint tread. The bad - they collected a ‘standard’ $800 deposit on all rentals and no one was present to check the car in at the airport. Instead we were told to leave it in the parking lot. The expensive - then with no call, email or any communication they kept the full $800 deposit. We didn’t know until we got our credit card bill several weeks later. When we inquired, they sent us pictures of scratches - that were not on the car when we dropped it off! We disputed it to no avail and there was no bill or estimate for the scratches - which likely could have been buffed out for far less than $800 even if we had caused them. Our credit card company is now paying the $800 after several hours of work on our end. Quite a surcharge on a $450 rental! So, we aware and take a full video before you rent. And check the tires!!

  • M S I
    M S I
    4 months ago

    Renter beware! Don't walk, Run! If you have yet to complete a transaction with this "company". My wife and I attempted to rent a vehicle but after an hour of waiting for the vehicle to be "ready" she was feeling ill from a possible shellfish contamination... so before accepting the rental I requested we cancel the entire service. I was told it would take 3 business days for the refund... it's currently the 23rd of November and no refund has been issued after multiple calls. I will be reporting this company to.the better business beauro along with the visa fraud department. Again don't walk!...Run! From this place. Updated: they have finally issued a refund so now I get to wait another 7-10 days before receiving my money back.... this was a learning experience, if it feels bad just walk away. There has been some attempt to pretend like this was a matter of confusion if it takes 7 to 10 business days for the refund to be processed by the card company why did it take 12 calendar days before the refund was even processed through a terminal this doesn't seem like confusion to me it seems like robbery.

  • Dan Chamberlain
    Dan Chamberlain
    3 months ago

    Worst. Rental. Place. Ever. Do not rent scooters from them. They rented us two scooters with one turning out to be a death trap, (little to no brakes and a non working instrument panel) and when we returned them, an agent there said that the issues were known and that scooter shouldn’t have been rented to us in the first place. When we asked for some decent customer service, they basically told us to pound sand. Our resort concierge tried calling them to try to correct the situation and they kept hanging up on her, and at one point they took the phone off the hook so they wouldn’t have to talk to her. DON’T RENT SCOOTERS FROM THEM!!

  • Sean Morris
    Sean Morris
    2 months ago

    Do not rent from this place! After renting my vehicle at 7/8ths of a tank of gas (the amount that was given to me), I returned it 1 day later with the same amount. After receiving a partial refund, I reached out to the company 3 times via email and didn’t receive a response for 14 days. Once they emailed me back, I made them aware of the discrepancy and even sent a video of my contract and the cars gas gauge then, kindly requested my full refund… They said they would pull my contract and get back to me……..that was 39 days ago, still no response! They are literally stealing from people.

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