Associated Medical Practices is a private full-service medical clinic located on Leeward Highway in central Providenciales. Full service family practice and pediatrics in Providenciales. Urgent and Emergency Services. CAT Scanner/XRay/Ultrasound. Dental and Chiropractic services. Fully stocked pharmacy onsite. Recompression Chamber Treatment for Sick Divers. There is a re-compression chamber on-site for diving emergencies. A dispensing pharmacy, optometrist, gynecologist, and dentist are nearby.



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  • John Milgram
    John Milgram
    11 months ago

    I got sick on the island and wasn't sure what was going on. The care I got at AMP was above expectations and totally thorough! As a walking I was treated with such respect and care. As my symptoms were vauge the doctor at the clinic left to no stone unturned. Extremely clean and 1st class!

  • Patricia Ryan
    Patricia Ryan
    3 months ago

    I was so very glad to see Dr. Petrucci at the Menzie's eye clinic on my latest trip to the island. I had a really nasty stye, he saw me immediately and sorted me out. He explained everything thoroughly and what to do if the antibiotics didn't work.The clinic was immaculately clean with all the latest equipment and diagnostic tools. I was so very grateful to be seen by him! Thank you Dr. Petrucci!! Hope you enjoyed NYC on your upcoming trip!

  • David Raskin
    David Raskin
    6 months ago

    We had to take our kids to the doctors here. One had an eye infection and I took her to the optometrist right next door. He was great. I can't find him directly in google maps so he might be part of Associated Med. My other daughter had a bad cough and went directly to Associated. Both kids received great care. Saved our vacation. They were nice enough to take the kids as walk Ins.

  • Satheesh Kumar
    Satheesh Kumar
    a year ago

    Dear Everyone,I would like to share what happened with my work permits medical health certificate ..I did my medical for my work permit process on Menzies on Nov11, 2022 they told me it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get health certificate. So after 4 weeks I was try to follow up with them they said it’s not ready . So I was following up with call every week almost 8 weeks finish finally I went directly to ask them they told still not ready I ask them what is the reason they told me we have to wait Ministry of health to find out what is going on with my application so I went to personally ministry of health to check they said they cannot find my application so they ask me to get from Menzies reference number I went to back to Menzies again to ask them references number one of the lady short lady little bit chubby she is very very aggressive she don’t know how to handle the client never smile I have been many time Menzies she is the one very worst in the reception she start to argue we cannot able to give you any reference number because it’s policy of clinic after I had a big argue she only able to give application submission date which is Dec 9 th 2022 so hold my application almost 1 month in the clinic I totally understand they don’t submit every day , they hold my application 1 month with out any reason this is unacceptable and they doesn’t know how important health certificate get on time to work permit process at last I went to ministry of health I give them submission date one of the lady in the reception they are very nice she able find my application and give me in 15 mins my health certificate… Please kind request don’t blame Ministry health they are the one doing process very slow ,, At last I want to end up with stories please don’t go Menzies clinic for the health certificate especially they lady in reception when you see her the first impression it’s gone ..Please take some action for her attitude otherwise you will lose lots of you are clients..Thank you for the understanding

  • Jeri Ruble
    Jeri Ruble
    3 years ago

    Dr. Bourne was absolutely amazing! I had spent a day playing in the ocean while on vacation, not knowing that a cut on my face was being bombarded with bacteria. In less than 12 hours, the entire right side of my face was swollen with infection. We arrived 15 minutes before opening and were able to walk in, be seen, and walk out 30 minutes after opening. Dr. Bourne was comprehensive in his treatment so that my husband and I could enjoy the rest of our time on vacation. The pharmecy is right next door, so that was super convenient to grab my prescriptions, which surprisingly did not break my wallet! If you find yourself far away from home, with a medical dilemma, go see Dr. Bourne!

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