is a modest car rental company with a central location on Leeward Highway on the island of Providenciales. The rental company keeps a limited fleet of smaller economy automobiles and Jeep Wranglers on hand.

Rent a Buggy is one of the Turks and Caicos’ oldest car rental enterprises, having been founded in 1983 with a fleet of actual dune buggies! Although management has changed, the same service continues to exist.



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  • Ben Lake
    Ben Lake
    2 years ago

    An excellent rental experience! The lady at the rental counter had all our information, including the booster seat request. She was very professional and walked us out to the pickup area, even staying to chat with us until the Jeep arrived. It was spotlessly clean and in excellent condition. We had a great time driving it around Provo and it came in quite handy going down the 4WD road to Malcom Beach. The other family in our party also rented from Rent-A-Buggy and had a similarly great experience. Will definitely rent from again!

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson
    a year ago

    This place was such a joy to do business with. TLDR: Affordable and competent service. The staff we dealt with was professional, calm, collected, friendly and a true pleasure to deal with. She explained the process to us for the rental and return in a concise way. She anticipated questions we would have and had us in a vehicle in about 5 minutes after walking in the door. I wish more places could operate as efficiently as this spot. Initially, we were going to get a vehicle from another place that was closer to our residence, but they were closed. This rental could not have gone smoother. I am glad we found this spot. I will rent from here again. My friend is going to visit in a few weeks, and I will be sending her to Rent a Buggy.

  • Katya Hernandez
    Katya Hernandez
    a year ago

    I think I went into the rental with too high of expectations. I wanted to rent a jeep from this place and their reputation seemed solid. However, this has to be the worst experience of the trip by far. We received the rental with a leaking tire and noticed it right after we were leaving to start our activities. Our time was wasted as we waited an hour for someone to come fix the tire. Not to give us a new rental, but simply FIX it. The tire was switched out with a new spare (also with low air) and we were on our way. They asked us to accommodate and come back to the resort and they could officially fix it but we had an extremely busy day and couldn’t afford to waste more time. We attempted to call the representative that delivered the vehicle multiple times with no call back or answer. We had no follow up call to see how we were doing or apology for the inconvenience. The tire sensor was constantly reading different tire pressures which was giving us stress as to whether the tire was that low or not. I emailed and we continued to call with no answer or checkups. The jeep itself was very subpar compared to what they advertised. And they clarified that we were not to take it off-road or drive on beaches as it’s illegal (even though that’s what they advertise tirelessly on their website). Finally, we delivered this nightmare to the airport. The time was a little off compared to the original time due to our flight being changed to a later time. Nonetheless, I was also charged the extra time because God forbid I inconvenience them. Needless to say, they’re the last company I would rent from when I return. Aside from all the problems, a simple follow-up or apology would have been the least they could do.

  • Santos
    a year ago

    I called to make a reservation a couple of weeks before my trip and received a confirmation email right after; you’ll need to send proof of a driver’s license and your flight number so they can have the car ready when you arrive. Originally made a reservation to rent a 2-door Jeep from Monday-Thursday. Decided to keep the car an extra day and I was able to extend my reservation to Friday by calling Nikimo. There was a small issue where the trunk door wasn’t opening after we had picked up and left the airport; the Rent a Buggy office was down the street from the hotel and Nikimo was able to fix the issue in less than 10 minutes. Picking up at the airport was easy and dropping off was even easier; if no one is at the front, just drop the keys in the box. Highly recommend 👍🏻

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith
    2 years ago

    Excellent service. Better pricing than a lot of other companies on the island. Vehicles were in good enough shape. Easy to pick up at the airport and easy to drop off at the airport. We will definitely be using them when we return!

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