Northwest Point is a great place to go bird watching. The beach and cliff coastal region, as well as the inland saline ponds, both attract birds.

Ospreys, brown pelicans, terns, American oyster catchers, gulls, green herons, yellow-crowned night herons, reddish egrets, stilts, warblers, and ducks are common sightings.



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  • William Shelton
    William Shelton
    2 months ago

    We almost didn’t go because of the review about getting stuck but it wasn’t a problem. The last mile is very narrow so we weren’t sure what would have happened if another car had come. The view was well worth the trip.

  • Adrian Santini
    Adrian Santini
    a year ago

    Beautiful beach and road. Highly recommend for those who like to explore remote locations. Google maps leads you to a road that is inaccessible. If you follow the road, there will be a transition to dirt with an electric building on the left. I recommend walking this as (pictured) the thin sand road is difficult to traverse without an ATV or a Jeep. The walk is not that long, about 1 mile

  • Scott & Kylee Gauthreaux

    This beach is definitely more remote. You drive ~4.5 kilometers (~2 miles) on a dirt road until it comes to an even tinier sand road that can only fit a small car. Based on other reviews we decided to park the car and walk the small sand road (about 15-20 minutes). Once we got to the beach there was a TON of sea grass, but we walked to the official point and the view was totally worth it. The beach was really nice and the water looked great. Overall super awesome/adventurous experience.

  • Sarah Ouellette
    Sarah Ouellette
    2 years ago

    Cool spot to watch the sunset. Recommend a 4x4 vehicle to access. We were the only two people out there when we went. The road is very narrow and impossible to pass another vehicle along the majority. We stopped just short of the end as the road got more sandy and we were concerned about getting stuck in the sand. It was a short walk to the coast. The terrain is very rough and I highly recommend propper shoes and bug spray. There are two ship wrecks on the beach that are cool to check out.

  • Carl T.
    Carl T.
    a year ago

    The trail for a walk is lovely and conveniently located near the beach, but the weather is scorching hot!

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