Noahs Ark Beach Club TCI

Leeward Settlement

Noah’s Ark Beach Club TCI

Noah’s Ark Beach Club TCI is a popular destination for tourists in Turks and Caicos. The club features a tiki bar, a full service restaurant, and can be accessed by boat, making it a great spot for a leisurely swim or relaxing boat ride. The food and drinks at the bar are highly rated, with reviews from locals and tourists suggesting that the atmosphere is lively and fun.




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  • Brian Wells
    Brian Wells
    a week ago

    Great bar with a fun atmosphere. The food is just average, but the drinks are good. The water in the surrounding area is only waist deep at max, so it’s relaxing to sit and chill.

  • Matt Beatty
    Matt Beatty
    2 weeks ago

    It’s a bar with food in the middle of a beautiful bay. The atmosphere is exactly that… It can be a bit of a party (20-30) but it’s still a great place to jump off a boat and hang with friends. Surprisingly…the food we had, chicken wings and jerk chicken (both with fries) were AMAZiNG. Totally wasn’t expecting that.Remember…it’s a bar on Turks & Caicos…and it’s a bar in the middle of nowhere. Logistics and everything make that a more expensive tab then you may like but it’s not out of line. 25$ frozen drinks, but a 9$ beer (even a Guinness) Bar takes cash and cards.Without arriving on your own boat, ski etc you can grab a water “taxi”from the Blue Haven Marina. 30 per person round trip…BRING CASH for the service!

  • George Crooks
    George Crooks
    4 months ago

    Sunday is the day to go. You can wear any attire. You don't have to get wet, but there's a trampoline in the ocean beside it. Bathrooms are mad filthy. Drinks were good. I think I saw Jake Paul or Logan Paul. Everyone was vivid, I had a great time. The water taxi meets at blue haven marina. $30 to park and you get the water taxi back and forth. Bring what you need or you'll regret it

  • Gaurav Yadav
    Gaurav Yadav
    4 months ago

    Noah’s Ark is right in middle of the water, we communicated with the owners through WhatsApp and they sent us the boat (30$ per person round trip).. ride to club was great, atmosphere in the club was great, water quality is exceptional and they have nice places to get into water and get some sun. We went in morning so did not had chance to see it in full action but we can only imagine how good it would be when it would be full of people.

  • Gold
    10 months ago

    Sunday is the day to go. We went on a weekday and there were about 5 other people there. The staff is very friendly and we’re a pleasure to interact with. We took the $30 shuttle from the Blue Haven marina. If you go to the main resort gate, just tell the guard you are going to Noah’s Ark and they will allow you through. It was about a 13 min boat ride there. They have food and drinks (see the menu in photos). I wouldn’t return unless it was on Sunday.

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