Noahs Ark Beach Club TCI

Leeward Settlement

Noah’s Ark Beach Club TCI

Noah’s Ark Beach Club TCI is a popular destination for tourists in Turks and Caicos. The club features a tiki bar, a full service restaurant, and can be accessed by boat, making it a great spot for a leisurely swim or relaxing boat ride. The food and drinks at the bar are highly rated, with reviews from locals and tourists suggesting that the atmosphere is lively and fun.




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  • Patrice Greene
    Patrice Greene
    2 months ago

    First time out of the country me n Hubby!! This bar was most definitely an experience... perfect day party spot. Food and drinks are expensive but that's to be expected. We had an amazing time we were here in Turks for a wedding, and this was the day after party. You had a great time, and you won't be disappointed, especially when other boats/groups pop up.

  • Gold
    4 months ago

    Sunday is the day to go. We went on a weekday and there were about 5 other people there. The staff is very friendly and we’re a pleasure to interact with. We took the $30 shuttle from the Blue Haven marina. If you go to the main resort gate, just tell the guard you are going to Noah’s Ark and they will allow you through. It was about a 13 min boat ride there. They have food and drinks (see the menu in photos). I wouldn’t return unless it was on Sunday.

  • Rahul Kaushal
    Rahul Kaushal
    2 months ago

    Noah’s Ark is a must visit on Sundays. The day party’s are crazy. Some companies offer roundtrip transport for about $30 a person at the Blue haven marina if you don’t have your own transport.

  • Drea Dawson
    Drea Dawson
    5 months ago

    This was a must do for Sunday adult fun. Everybody was out there. You had to charter a boat trip for $30 round trip to get there which was a beautifulview but very splashy 10 minutes so bring your sunglasses fornthe salt water. Also be sure to bring a well charged phone because you will have to call your water taxi for pick up. Once there seating was limited, the bar like everywhere else was expensive at $20 a drink. The water was $4. The service was horrible with the guy with the dreds. I swear he over looked me and told me to wait like 2 times. I only wanted a bottle of water and it took 15 minutes or more to order. There were NBA players there, so all of the VIP was taken up. We attempted to book a table the day before arriving, but there was no link to do so. My only assumption is that folk booked via IG or had a connection. Your personal belongings were very safe, but there is limited space to place things, so be sure to bring almost nothing with you and get a water bag for money and things like that (although my friend's wallets/purses were good). Bring and wear plenty of sunblock. Didn't recall seeing any bathrooms so be prepared to go in the ocean. Note that if you get in the water, you need to be able to swim for short distance or be at least 6ft, as the area for getting in the water started off low that I could stand flat (5'8) around 1pm, but around 3pm, I had to swim to the ladder. Once in the water it's shallow enough for anyone to stand (as long as you are over 3.7ft or so. Last thing, be ready to turn up and if on the platform, be ready to be packed like sardines. This place could really explode as well if it builds a second level for seating and a board walk down to shallow side for non-swimmers (you are welcome).

  • iesha drayton
    iesha drayton
    5 months ago

    This is a must do if you're in Turks and Caicos!! Great vibes and good vibes. I went on a Sunday which was crowded so you definitely want to get there before 2p to find a good spot! Wear swim attire and bring towels. This place is a floating bar in the middle of the ocean! You have to get there by boat which is 30/per person round trip.

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