The La Famille Express is a grounded shipwreck located near the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos, about two miles offshore from Long Bay Beach. It is a popular spot for boat cruises and jet skiers, as well as kiteboarders launching from Long Bay Beach’s unrivaled kite spot, as well as proficient kayakers and stand up paddle boarders. The La Famille Express was originally christened the oрт-евенко (or Fort Shevchenko in English) in 1953 in the Soviet Union, where it worked as an oil rig service ship, ferrying supplies to remote offshore oil wells. It has since become a popular landmark in the Turks and Caicos.



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  • Jeff Johnston
    Jeff Johnston
    5 months ago

    Wife and I took a Jett ski from the beach in the evening. No one else there. Pretty cool to see. I climbed and jump. Not an easy climb on the ladder. The ship is very sharp and rusty. I was bear foot. Cut my foot. Wear some water shoes. Then cruise to the floating bar you can see from the ship

  • Jami
    a month ago

    I suggest a visit if you are in Turks and Caicos and on a boat ride or riding a Jet-ski. It’s best to visit during sunset.

  • Teresa Such
    Teresa Such
    a year ago

    Really cool visit. Getting up to the top of the ladder and getting yourself over is hard. Highly recommend water shoes as the entire ship is rusty. Not crowded when we pulled up (we went on sun afternoon) : one boat full of people was leaving as soon as we pulled up. When we left a couple jet skiers pulled up.Highly recommend

  • Ronald
    a year ago

    Jumping off a ship is what this experience is all about. The ship itself is abandoned and is now a major attraction in the islands. You can go there by jet ski or boat as part of an excursion and they will gladly let you off once near the ship. You can choose to jump off it or just explore. Of course jumping is what everyone wants to do. Just make sure you land feet first. Otherwise it can be a painful landing and you will have the bruise to show for it.

  • Thomas Novelli
    Thomas Novelli
    a year ago

    What is not to like? A unique shipwreck site in a beautiful setting. If jumping off of the wreck, be careful as some areas are more shallow than others. Best place to jump is towards the port side of the hull.

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