G Style Bar is a luxurious and relaxing experience for men, women and children. They provide not only beauty treatments but a mini bar atmosphere with tasty canapés with hot or cold beverages for clients.


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  • lily c
    lily c
    2 months ago

    This was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had at a nail salon. I was looking to get my nail fixed after it chipped and was worried they wouldn’t be be able to color match it. I called ahead and they assured me that they had the dip powder and would be able to color match it. They first started with the dip powder but kept filing down my nail so much so it began hurting greatly. She then removed the dip another two times before and then added gel (very odd if you’re decided on dip powder). Not to mention she kept speaking spanish and as someone who partially understands spanish, I did not appreciate being talked about it in a foreign language as she assumed I didn’t speak it. Throughout the whole process I tried to make sure I was getting the correct service and even asked many times why she was applying gel that was an off color if I’d wanted dip. She scoffed at me and spoke to me like I didn’t know what I was talking about. She then of course still made us pay $20 despite my objections that it didn’t look right. I was extremely disappointed with the customer service, I understand color matching can be difficult and I asked her multiple times if she’d really be able to match my other nails and with clear certainty she assured me this. When I asked to speak to someone else she claimed this matter wasn’t important enough to call anyone else in. Extremely disappointed and avoid at all costs!!

  • Ian Soper
    Ian Soper
    a year ago

    This salon has very professional and friendly service for men and women. G-Style Bar is centrally located in Regent Village, across the street from the Le Bouchon restaurant. It's an easy walk from most Grace Bay area hotels. Open 7 days a week (Sunday's until 2pm). Highly recommended!

  • T Gray
    T Gray
    a year ago

    Evelyn did my nails (acrylic fill) to perfection exactly how I like them! She was sweet, professional and fun to talk to. I will definitely return.

  • Mona Zaki
    Mona Zaki
    a year ago

    Geraldine is amazing. She opened the shop extra early to accommodate my travel and did an amazing job styling my very curly hair. Highly recommend you stop. She’ll take great care of you. Mona

  • Courtney Plaeger

    This place is professional, clean, and did a great job on my dip manicure. Evelyn was my manicurist and was extremely friendly. The owner, Geraldine was there and also extremely friendly. Evelyn did an amazing job and I wish my nails looked this good back in the states!

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