FOTTAC – Flavors Of The Turks And Caicos

Grace Bay,

FOTTAC – Flavors Of The Turks And Caicos

FOTTAC (Flavors of the Turks and Caicos) is a gift store that’s located in the Regent Village on Grace Bay.  FOTTAC offers gifts and items that represent and speak of the history of The Turks and Caicos.  This beautiful store believes in proudly showcasing the island’s culture and bringing a greater awareness of the islands to the world.



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  • Hemal Ami
    Hemal Ami
    8 months ago

    We went there to buy souvenirs and local Bambarra rum. We had some questions about the rums and asked if we could taste them. The good thing is that they have provide rum tasting for $8. We specifically said that we wanted "one" rum tasting and that we would share the flight. We were not informed was that it was $8 per person even though the second person just takes sip from the pour. So when we went to pay the bill, it was $16 for 2 tastings even though clearly the flight pour size was for 1 person. Now $16 is not a big amount or deal when you are vacationing, however, we felt cheated and this experience soured our afternoon. When we asked inquired why we were not informed that it would be $16 if the second person even just takes a sip, we were basically given a bunch of bull by the checkout lady. So overall, I would recommend FOTTAC for souvenir shopping (Bambarra cakes, Turks coffee and rum are competively priced) but would not recommend the rum tasting experience. Save your $ and just buy 6 mini bottles of all flavors for $24.

  • Robert Guratzsch
    Robert Guratzsch
    2 years ago

    Great place to pick up some souvenirs!

  • Blair Kelsie
    Blair Kelsie
    6 months ago

    Go for the Bambarra rum tasting, pick up some Bambarra Coconut rum and some rum cake!

  • Rene Castillo
    Rene Castillo
    10 months ago

    The lady at the cash register, who was the only one there from the Philippines, was very nice

  • T K
    T K
    2 years ago

    Very good service

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