Cheshire Hall Medical Centre

Hospital Rd

The Cheshire Hall Medical Centre on Providenciales is a 20-bed institution administered by the Canadian firm InterHealth Canada and approved by Accreditation Canada International. This structure, which was built in combination with the Cockburn Town Medical Centre in 2010, features operating rooms, CT and MRI scanners, dialysis facilities, maternity services, and other departments. Over thirty physicians work across the hospitals on Providenciales and Grand Turk, while foreign experts and consultants come on a regular basis.



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  • Jessie Rendón
    Jessie Rendón
    in the last week

    The staff do not have adequate protocols and monitoring. In the laboratory the staff does not use gloves or protective equipment when taking samples and they eat in the work area, in addition to not washing their hands in any area. In emergencies, the triage is poorly done, the laboratory results do not have a delivery date and when you collect them they do not give them to you in print and neither do the medical reports, they do not deliver them even when they are paid, they need to give quality courses to the employees and they must have protocols or algorithms for the timely care of a patient. They are in diapers in the correct care of a patient of any type.

  • Dorothy Swann
    Dorothy Swann
    4 months ago

    Wonderful I believe you must be respectful to the staff. I usually have a great experience with the doctors there. I want to say thank you guys for your help and support. They need to celebrate your you guys once a year calling it nurse day.

  • Ryan Walters
    Ryan Walters
    3 months ago

    Wife was in the ER for 7 hours on the last day of our trip here. The good first- very compassionate staff, and we felt like they were very thorough. Our doctor didn't offer much information at first but answered every question we had when we were able to talk to her later. The bad are all around basic cleanliness and sanitation- Seats with puddles of urine on them in the imaging waiting area. When taking blood samples they allow your blood to spill on the floor between vials to clean up after. We were concerned that IV fluids were not purged of air and large air bubbles were injected as a result. In the waiting area we watched a man rip his IV out and walk away while the saline sprayed into a large puddle from the exposed needle as children played nearby. Several staff walked around and glanced at it- probably 20 minutes before someone came and clipped the tubing without cleaning up the mess.

  • Daria Skrypnyk
    Daria Skrypnyk
    7 months ago

    This hospital destroyed health of many, recently I had to go to emergency. meanwhile injecting IV nurse damaged nerves at my hand. I had huge paddle of blood because she had no clue how to do iv. The worst she was telling me its absolutely normal (for her????) in 100 IV I did in my life I never had so much blood and pain and now I know why. She destroyed my hand its all named and I can move it properly . What's going to be with the hospital ? ? - Nothing ! As always they will continue treating patients with no responsibility . AVOID at all COST - IT CAN BE DANGEROUS FOR YOUR LIFE

  • Lindsey Offner
    Lindsey Offner
    7 months ago

    We had a really serious medical event while on vacation and Cheshire Medical saved mine and my babies life. The nurses cared for us like family and Dr. Martinborough and Dr. Mera are absolute angels!! There are no words but thank you!!!!

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