The Chalk Sound National Park is a beautiful natural lagoon located southwest of Providenciales. This national park is known for its shallow, brilliant turquoise water and hundreds of small rocky islands.

Although Chalk Sound is nearly landlocked, a winding channel connects it to the ocean and the Caicos Banks south of Providenciales.

Powered watercraft are not permitted on Chalk Sound due to its protected status as a national park. Most visitors come to see the southern side of the island for sightseeing or as a kayaking and paddle boarding destination.

Chalk Sound’s water is clear and free of algae. The incredible turquoise hues are caused by the refraction of sunlight off the area’s fine limestone sand and particles.

Chalk Sound is also the name of the Chalk Sound residential area.


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  • Ryan Fonville
    Ryan Fonville
    9 months ago

    My personal favorite part of the island. Beautiful calm waters with plenty to explore, great place to do kayaking, paddle boarding and even some snorkeling. You can find coral, tropical fish, lobster and much more living in these waters. There are many small islands, a few bars restaurants you can pull up to, and a sunken plane to explore.

  • Huntersville NC
    Huntersville NC
    11 months ago

    Amazingly beautiful place. Water is awesome for kayaking and jet skis. Not a place to swim as it is very shallow.

  • Anh-Tuan Tran
    Anh-Tuan Tran
    a year ago

    The Chalk Sound is beautiful. There’s no where to really park to view it, so we just stopped by the side of the road. I would love it if they had a public access area where you can park and get close to the water. Very beautiful scenery though, definitely worth visiting and then stopping by Sapodilla Beach.

  • Carl T.
    Carl T.
    a year ago

    An incredibly beautiful place that is easily accessible, you can visit the park from the "Monika Chalk Sound view" lookout point and enjoy spectacular views by following the small trails

  • Bruce MacDonald
    Bruce MacDonald
    a year ago

    Two separate days stand-up paddle boarding. Park at gravel parking lot called Chalk Sound view. We were the only people there for hours. Do not go if windy unless you are a strong SUP'er.

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