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  • Frank Sibs
    Frank Sibs
    7 months ago

    Great experience! I'm not sure why everybody else was complaining. You're flying to an island. Set your Bar low and by the insurance so you don't have to worry and have a great time. We got in and out of the rental place very easy. There were no surprises. Again you're on an island so just take whatever car they have and enjoy yourself.

  • Paulo Tenorio
    Paulo Tenorio
    3 months ago

    This place has been very good to me. We had a horrible car accident with my family in the island while on vacation, and Patricia Musgrove the manager has helped us so much even after getting all the documentation that I needed to get reimbursed with my insurance. Also another guy, who I didn’t get his name was so encouraging, prayed with us which helped my wife who was very nervous. He even helped us drive to the hospital after the accident . Great costumer service!

  • Chrisi Bush
    Chrisi Bush
    2 months ago

    Avoid this location. I reserved a car 2 months in advance, they did not have a car for us, had us pay for our own taxi to villa, and told us someone would call us and pick us up when car was ready. They never showed up to get us and ignored my phone calls, leaving us stranded

  • Kathi Bugg
    Kathi Bugg
    8 months ago

    Do NOT rent from this Budget/Pride Rent A Car in Turks @ PLS. An extreme rip off, I thought I was getting a Chevy Malibu or “similar” for 7 days at $950.00 but instead got a “junker” Mitsubishi I don’t even know what, car was beat to heck, wipers did not work, busted tail light & best of all, the start button looked like the car had been hot wired & stolen before & would barely go off when stopping the car, tank was half full, never in my life. I wish I had read the reviews, but you think Budget & you’re getting a reputable company? Right? Nope! If we ever come back it will be Grace Bay or Scooter Bobs, anyone besides this place. Complete trash.

  • Swara Trivedi
    Swara Trivedi
    7 months ago

    Would not use this place to reserve a car. We booked months in advance and when we got to the airport, we were told we might be able to get our car the next day if there were returns. No compensation or apology offered…wasted hours trying to make other arrangements for transport

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