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  • Rod Scholl
    Rod Scholl
    6 months ago

    Not located at the airport as advertised. Instead, were directed by other people wandering outside the airport to talk to an individual with nothing identifying him as a Budget representative. Just standing on the curb claiming to be budget (and also that they didn't have any cars so he started asking around to his friends also without any identifying uniforms if anyone had a car for us). Was all so sus... but apparently that's how it works here. Eventually got in a car with a stranger and my whole family (it did have a crooked Budget bumper sticker on the back ) and drove around a foreign country hoping they were taking us to a rental car place... and not to be murdered. Terrible way to represent what is supposed to be a respected brand. I'll never use Budget again. Even a polo with the word "Budget" would have gone a long way... let along a desk, stand, podium... clipboard... anything.

  • Michael “Mike” A

    I showed up with my wife and a 7 month old daughter, and although i booked and reserved the car online, they told me they have nothing but a compact car… when I told them I can not fit my bags and my wife and daughter they said they can drive me back to the airport and I can look there for other options… very unprofessional. This is the last time I use budget for renting cars.

  • Lyndsey R. “Lyn” Schiavone

    Friendly staff & accommodating. Pick up & drop off at airport included in rental agreement. Very reasonably priced. Please understand that this is an island that has a 40% poverty rate. Most residents don't have "nice" cars. We were given a Chevy sedan. Deduction of stars b/c no radio & back windows didn't function--otherwise a pretty good deal.

  • Frank Sibs
    Frank Sibs
    a year ago

    Great experience! I'm not sure why everybody else was complaining. You're flying to an island. Set your Bar low and by the insurance so you don't have to worry and have a great time. We got in and out of the rental place very easy. There were no surprises. Again you're on an island so just take whatever car they have and enjoy yourself.

  • Dr. Arthur Becker-Weidman

    Friendly staff good price. However, the car check engine light came on and when I called the emergency number and emailed no one got back to me. The rear driver window and radio did not work and brakes were weak

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