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  • Roy Castillo
    Roy Castillo
    5 years ago

    My car has been sitting in Bayview motors parking lot for the pass 4 months. I have not received a phone call or an email to state the condition of my car or problem(s) that it has. It’s in the Exact spot I leave it 4 months ago. Ever time I call their is no one there or they went for lunch or if someone answers their always gonna check it and call me or email me back and it never happens.

  • Egle S
    Egle S
    8 years ago

    I'm from Canada and moved to Providenciales for work, and was looking for a car. It is very difficult to buy a used car in Provo within a short period of time (you need to know a mechanic, have time to check the car and so on). Anyway, me and my husband decided to buy the new car. We visited several dealerships in Provo but Bayview Motors exceeded all our expectations, we bought the car here on our 3rd day being in Provo. James, VP of Automotive sales and his assistant Syrmond (if I correct about the name) provided an EXCEPTIONAL service and a good deal to us! We are wholeheartedly grateful to James and Syrmond for their service and for saving our time and nerves in the process of buying the car in Provo.Cheers to guys from Bayview Motors!

  • Jermaine Lindsay
    Jermaine Lindsay
    4 years ago

    "One stop shop" for all your vehicle needs. The dealership bost the islands first luxury line Mercedes, they also do trade ins for a fair value and personal financing.

  • Terry Tanis
    Terry Tanis
    5 years ago

    No response via email and website.

  • Roxanne Boothe
    Roxanne Boothe
    5 years ago

    Great customer service

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