Beachfront dining on beautiful Grace Bay Beach, open all day, every day, serving delicious and fresh cuisine. Bright and cheerful by day, magical and romantic by night. Asu means sunset in Taino, the language spoken by the Arawak Indians who lived in Turks and Caicos centuries ago. The restaurant offers a relaxed environment overlooking world acclaimed Grace Bay. Cheerful and contemporary décor welcomes guests during the day, and by night patrons are presented with a magical dining atmosphere under a starlit sky accentuated by swaying illuminated baskets.

Beachfront dining on beautiful Grace Bay Beach, serving delicious and fresh cuisine. Bright and cheerful by day, magical and romantic by night.Dine on the world famous Grace Bay beach with Asú on the Beach.



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  • Zerlina Lin
    Zerlina Lin
    6 years ago

    Apetizer: 3/5 The restaurant is on the beach. Definitely a beautiful view. Order Clam Chowder Soup, ultimately regret it. The food it self was delicious but it was not easy to enjoy. The soup attracted several flies continuously to fly around our food. The Grilled Pineapple and Jerk Shrimp Salad was a plot twist for me. I was unaware that jerk was a spicy flavor. So the salad took me on as a surprise. Main Entree: 3/5 Grilled Mahi-Mahi and Jerk Pork Tenderloin were both flavorful on the outside but dry on the inside. Both has beautiful presentation. Service: 3/5 Service between those with and without inclusive package was dramatically different.When ordering entree, we order before 1 of our neighboring table. And we recieve our food dramatically later than their food. We had blue band and our 2 neighboring table had orange band. One had extremely amazing treatment because of their inclusive package.

  • Edward Lovell
    Edward Lovell
    6 months ago

    Please, whenever possible, skip ASU and head to The Truck Stop!… Unfortunately, The Truck Stop isn’t marked in Google Maps but, it’s walking distance from ASU.

  • Eddie Alligood
    Eddie Alligood
    2 months ago

    Great place and friendly staff!!!!

  • David Hansen, M.D.
    David Hansen, M.D.
    6 months ago

    Excellent food service and obviously location.

  • Brian Welch
    Brian Welch
    3 years ago

    This restaurant is a tale of two stories. Their breakfast buffet spread is good and their morning service is really good. During lunch is when things fall apart. If you sit out by the ocean they don't seem to have enough servers.One person should be taking orders, another person should be doing refills and another person should be running food. Instead they have one or two people doing it all. Making their service get bogged down and slow. The food quality isn't bad but if the restaurant gets busy, prepare to wait for everything.

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