Turkberry Frozen Yogurt

Grace Bay,

Turkberry Frozen Yogurt,

Turkberry specializes in variety, offering a wide range of standard and seasonal frozen yogurt flavors (some of which are inspired by islands in the Turks and Caicos)


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  • John Ovesen
    John Ovesen
    10 months ago

    For $7 got a delicious soft served yogurt in the cone from the machine. I got the Birthday Cupcake & Forest Berries "Twist" where they mix the two up. Very delicious! I can see why people love this place. Probably going to come back here and try out more flavors. The staff were friendly and the place was colorful and clean.

  • David Raskin
    David Raskin
    4 months ago

    Quite possibly the worst donuts I have ever had. Nice concept, but God awful donuts. We bought 6 for the morning. Kids took one bite and threw it away.

  • Sophia Podlasik
    Sophia Podlasik
    2 months ago

    10/10. such a beautiful exterior and very inviting interior. worker was very nice and even suggested to put oreos on the donut and they were delicious!! froyo was also very good, but they really pack the toppings on there which i didn’t expect. overall a very good place to have a treat. great froyo selection of flavors too.

  • Cansina Henfield
    Cansina Henfield
    2 months ago

    The yogurt is very good I had the salty caramel which I enjoy. The gentleman that served me was very helpful and was knowledgeable about explaining to me the points system. We sat and ate in the dining area which was clean tidy and the decor was colorful to look at.

  • Crissy
    in the last week

    Very friendly staff. Great stuff at an affordable cost

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