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is a small riding stable located on the southeast end of the island of Providenciales. We do two guided rides a day, morning ride at 9:30am and an afternoon ride at 3:00pm during winter hours, 3:30pm during the summer. We can take all experience levels from 7 years old and up. Everyone rides their own horse or pony, no double riding. We have a 230 pound weight limit. Groups are never more than 12 riders. Private rides are available. Anyone under 18 must wear a helmet. We ride along quiet dirt roads and trails to Long Bay Beach, a 4 mile long beach. We do our best not to do nose to tail type rides, and more experienced riders are given the chance to trot or canter along the beach depending on the tides. The shallow waters of the Caicos Banks off Long Bay make it an ideal place to take horse into the ocean. You can book a 60 or a 90 minute ride. We can arrange for transportation to & from your resort, reservations are required. We are a fully insured and licensed business.




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  • Elise D
    Elise D
    2 weeks ago

    This was a great adventure! I liked that they arranged a taxi to take us to/from (at a cost but still much easier than me trying to figure this out myself!). When we arrived, the stable seems nice and the horses appear to be well cared for. That is important to us so I thought they did a great job with that. The workers there all seemed nice and it seemed like they were trying to make sure everyone had a nice time. As for the ride itself, it is truly a one of a kind experience! I will say that they mentioned that the ocean there goes out about seventy MILES at a five-ish foot water level. That makes it safe to be walking around with the horses and I was surprised to learn that! We had a great time and I would highly suggest that you visit here if you are in Turks. Also, having never been there before, I personally thought the beach that they took us to was better than where we were staying in Grace Bay.

  • James Monforte
    James Monforte
    4 months ago

    Amazing experience all around. The staff was hospitable and welcoming upon entering and we were as greeted with all the necessities that I was unprepared for like shoes that can and will get wet and a fanny pack to bring your camera safely. The most important aspect of the experience was their love and care for the animals. We had the biggest horses with the calmest temperament, they were a pleasure to ride.

  • Ellie Newman
    Ellie Newman
    a month ago

    This was truly a once and a lifetime experience!! I am an advanced rider so I got to gallop a long the each with a sick video! The staff were super friendly and amazing! So happy my family and I went.

  • Claire Kellar
    Claire Kellar
    8 months ago

    all-around *spectacular* experience! the guides were incredibly attentive and helpful. each rider is introduced to their horse and told about their personalities and quirks, which made a first time rider like me feel very comfortable. the instruction was clear and the ride was STUNNINGLY beautiful. one of the most incredible experiences of my life, facilitated by wonderful employees. they even take amazing photos and videos of you during the ride. the horses seemed happy and well taken care of. an absolute must if you are visiting Provo!!

  • Abby Johnson
    Abby Johnson
    8 months ago

    I grew up riding horse but our 9 year old daughter has only been on a horse once in her life. She was a bit nervous about how this ride would go but we both agreed that it was the highlight of our trip. Riding a horse in the ocean checked an item off my bucket list, it was simply a magical time. Grace and Eliza, our guides, were both very experienced around horses and kept us safe. Thanks for showing us the most beautiful beach around and helping us create such a fun memory together!

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