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an intimate and luxurious resort located directly on a secluded stretch of Grace Bay in Princess Alexandria National Marine Park. Grace Bay is internationally renowned and called “the best beach in the world” by many. Our spacious and finely appointed accommodations offer breathtaking views of the island’s famous aquamarine waters, and are just footsteps from the Coral Gardens reef sanctuary, home to the island’s premier snorkeling.


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  • Rob Long
    Rob Long
    6 months ago

    Some of the best snorkeling during our trip was at Coral Gardens. It is very easy to get to and plenty of parking (set your Maps to Coral Gardens Resort). The beach itself is beautiful of course, being an extension of Grace Bay. But we were amazed at the snorkeling. You can't miss the reef since they have it marked and roped off. Just swim all around the outside of the ropes and be prepared to see some amazingly colorful fish. We didn't see any turtles or rays here (try Smith's Reef for that) but we loved how easy it was to get to and how close to shore the reef was. This would be a perfect place to bring children to snorkel. In our opinion, no trip to T&C would be complete without a stop here!

  • Grzegorz
    3 months ago

    Great place to snorkel! There are a lot of different kinds of sea animals and beautiful coral flora. We even sow a sea turtle!

  • Yasmin Eskandari
    Yasmin Eskandari
    a year ago

    Loved Coral Gardens Reef and the beach! It was steps away from our accommodations, which was nice. Our two year old snorkeled for the first time and he loved it and he just couldn’t get enough! Lots of fish and in all colors! It’s not very deep, so be sure to have shoes on to not damage the reef and remember to use coral friendly sunscreen. There’s a section that’s protected, stay out or you will be whistled at by the guards to stay out. Try to stay on the NW side of the buoys.

  • Josh Stack
    Josh Stack
    2 months ago

    Fairly good snorkeling for being able to walk in off shore, Very clear water.

  • אַבְרָהָם
    10 months ago

    You can park near the Hotel or the street is always accessible by Walk and so far it IS the BEST spot to Snorkel 10/10 from all the Turks. Note. Don't rent chairs it's to expensice for nothing

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