is located on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies, along the coast of Northwest Point (B.W.I.). Amanyara provides easy access to diving and other water sports, with 300 meters of white-sand beach adjacent and the remarkable coral reef walls of Northwest Point Marine National Park directly offshore.

Amenities include a beachfront location, multi-room suites, a restaurant, and a pool.


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  • Jandale Kristin
    Jandale Kristin
    3 months ago

    Amanyara Resort in Turks and Caicos is the epitome of luxury, a serene oasis that eclipses any other resort experience. The Beach club Managed by the exceptional Ervin Martinez, the staff at Amanyara are the heartbeat of the establishment, offering service that is both impeccable and infused with genuine warmth. They ensure every moment of your stay is seamless and special.The cuisine at Amanyara is sublime, each dish a masterpiece that tantalizes the taste buds. The flavors are as vibrant as the island itself, with fresh ingredients that are expertly crafted into culinary delights. Paired with their phenomenal drinks, each meal becomes a celebration of the high life.As for the ambiance, Amanyara is in a league of its own. The views are simply breathtaking, offering a pristine panorama of natural beauty that soothes the soul. The atmosphere is one of pure tranquility, where luxury whispers in the gentle breeze and reflects off the crystalline waters. Every element of the resort, from the design to the discreet yet attentive service, is curated to provide an atmosphere of exclusive sophistication.My boyfriend and I were absolutely enchanted by Amanyara. It stands out as not just the most beautiful resort we've visited, but as a vivid memory that we will cherish forever. Amanyara is not just a stay; it's a mesmerizing experience that lingers with you, long after you've departed its peaceful shores.

  • Milos
    2 months ago

    One of our close friends told us that Amanyara was his favorite Aman out of 15+ he had visited, so we had extremely high expectations. Amanyara was able to meet and even surpass them.In particular we loved: - the architecture: we loved the reduced and tasteful design and how it blends into its surroundings; Amanyara felt more like an exclusive home or beach club than like a hotel; Gathy has really created a masterpiece here - the setting: Amanyara is in the middle of nowhere, what makes it secluded, serene and quite; the positioning with dramatic coast / beach view is breathtaking - the room: we had an Oceanview Pavilion that was beautifully furnished and had stunning views - the food: it was exceptionally good; we particularly loved the sushi and Thai dishes for dinner as well as the pizza and pasta dishes in the Mediterranean restaurant; i had read some negative comments about the food before coming, yet they turned out to be not or no longer true - the beach: white sands, turquoise water and no crowds; one of the most beautiful beaches that we have ever seen - the service: it felt warm and authentic; Tania, Marko, Kaya, Meryem, Nolan and others stood out (apologies for the names I missed)Our 8th and one of the best Aman’s we have visited. We will definitely come back!

  • Ambrosia O'Connor
    Ambrosia O'Connor
    3 months ago

    Our first Aman experience.The service: Ok, lacking enthusiasm overall (besides Amanda's).The property: very spread-out making it impossible to go anywhere without being transported by the hotel's golf carts. They could have made the property more walking friendly (like Four Seasons in Cabo, etc.). The property is also extremely under-populated thus lacking energy. The landscape looks expensive but has no charm. For the price, Cheval Blanc in St. Barth is much much more beautiful.The food: Fine, but does not blow my mind for the price. Limited, one Greek restaurant and one Asian restaurant.Wild life: Almost zero. Surprising. We saw more birds in a city like Venice than here. Unsure why.Finally, my husband was coming down with something and asked for some cold medicine. They quickly delivered some Dayquil, very nice. But then they charged us $10.50 for the Dayquil. For the price they charge for the room, not cool.Overall, 3.5 stars. We may still check out Amangiri due to its location, but our intro to the Aman brand was underwhelming.

  • G de RAMEL
    G de RAMEL
    3 months ago

    Staff is obnoxiously unresponsive. Put me on hold for four minutes on a simple request. $4k a night not even close to worth it. You can rent an incredible villa for that amount.

  • Rory Conway
    Rory Conway
    5 months ago

    Everything about Amanyara is five star, except Amanda Beck who deserves an extra star. Amanda takes one extra step and makes magic happen. Thank you Amanda for making our vacation extra special.Rory and Mimi

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